Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Oakhurst Castle

There's a lovely home on Fayetteville Road, which is just behind our own road, that we walk past all the time.  It's built to look like a castle though it is, in fact, just a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house.  It's really stunning, and we've always wanted to see the inside of it.  Today, because it's up for sale, we finally got to go inside the house.  We are not the only neighbors that wanted to see this place.  It was the most crowded open house I've ever attended.

Inside the turret, very cool space.
The house really is gorgeous, and we were entertained by some unexpected surprises.  The owners collect antique radios, which were fun to see.  There's a bird's nest with babies in it in the garden.  A huge luna moth lit on the front porch light and was on display for all of us to enjoy.  The artwork in the house was really great, my favorite being a large Frank Zappa painting,
The Sistine Kitchen
right next to a very clean, white sofa, if you know what I mean.  There is some really stunning glass work happening in there and an impressive Sistine Kitchen.  I loved the library, and the out building (which I failed to photograph at all, sorry).  Here's a few shots, and here's the link to the real estate site, if you want to see more pictures.
I took this for you, mom.  It's way better in person.
view of courtyard from master bedroom
View of the courtyard from the front porch.

Front porch
The library.  I wish I'd gotten closer to the radios, they were really cool.

There really are no words for how much I hate this new photo editor.  Anyway, after our thrilling tour, we hit the coffee shop, because it was just so beautiful outside, we really needed a nice beverage and to cop a squat out in the middle of it all.  Kate gave Sarah's doll a piggy back ride to Karvana.


Rusty said...

So how much did you offer?

LMP said...

I assumed you guys would want it, so I politely bowed out.

Michele said...

The photo of Sarah in front of the desk reminds me so much of Jeremiah.