Thursday, October 19, 2006


When you start a family everyone tells you "Everything is going to change". Like maybe that hadn't occurred to you. Of course there's lots of obvious changes - the budget, the weekend activities, the occupancy of the house... But my life has changed in a lot of ways I would not have expected, maybe these things are the sorts of things people are trying to convey when they tell you that everything will change.

-Sometimes when I'm nowhere near either kid I could swear I smell baby poop.

-With every new location or activity my brain now automatically assesses the peril and presents me with at least 3 ways my environment could cause the gruesome, bloody death of one or both of my kids ("K is for Kate, who was struck with an axe").

-I have Hippos Go Berserk memorized and consider Sandra Boyton a national treasure. Before kids, I had no idea who she was.

-Now that I have kids, I have, on occasion, picked a nose that wasn't on my face and (this is the alarming part) thought nothing of it.

-I wonder if maybe I should be a little more conservative with my declarations to Jeremiah that he is "a big, gay homosexual". We have, after all, determined that Kate is not yet familiar with the concept of sarcasm or facetiousness.

-We take far fewer pictures of the dog

-If you'd asked me before what my favorite sound was I'd probably have paused thoughtfully, then offered some type of music or some natural sound - "uh...I don't know...waterfall?" Now I can say without hesitation that the best sound in the world is that of my kids' laughter.


Sonya said...

This is by far my favorite entry. Lisa, you are right about Jeremiah. And thanks for the book. Kisses.

RFKeith said...

I tried to warn you about the envisioned gruesome, hideous death thing. You both nodded politely. Assholes. Jeremiah is indeed a big, gay homosexual. I have the blue dress pants to prove it.

Delphi said...

I think you should keep this list around and add to it as you go. It may require a roll of toilet paper by the time the kids are 30.

jdrueke said...

I can't believe that the blog has gone on this long and this is the first mention of my gayness. Thank you all.