Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Oakhurst Arts Festival

Saturday was the day of the annual Oakhurst Arts Festival. Since it takes place .03 of a mile from my house, there's just no excuse not to go. Plus, it's fun. Jeremiah had ditched me in order to attend his friend, Graham's, wedding in Virginia, so it was just us girls. Sarah wasn't terribly impressed with the whole scene, but she's cool like that. Kate, meanwhile, was thrilled to find that Uncle Steve & Aunt JoJo were there, along with a few of her buddies from daycare. Also, there were balloons. And lots of dogs. And a booth containing dozens of exciting hats to try on. And the booth where we got the skirt she's wearing here. (Jeremiah brought her downstairs after she insisted on wearing this ensemble and implied that she may be a bit retarded.)

Later I left Kate and Sarah in the capable hands of Steve & Joy. They fed Kate a hotdog and some cookies for lunch. Then she got to watch the bellydancers perform. And she beat the living daylights out of her stuffed dog when she "walked" him by his balloon string leash all over the park...wearing her new skirt. Now it's Tuesday and I don't think the skirt can be considered new; she's worn practically every moment since its purchase. She is still snoozing currently, and I am dreading having to tell her the skirt is in the laundry. That out of sight, out of mind stuff just hasn't worked since she developed object permanence. Wish me luck.


Epiphany Alone said...

Two can really knock your socks off. I love the skirt though.

RFKeith said...

I love it when they go through the Cyndi Lauper phase.