Sunday, October 22, 2006

Preparing for her Wheaties box photo

Kate took her first gymnastics class yesterday. What's cuter than a 2-year-old in a pretty dress? Of course, a 2-year-old in a leotard and ponytail! Here's Kate warming up with a little help from Piglet -

She clung to that little Piglet nearly the entire class. In fact, I think she would've had him the whole time had Jeremiah not snagged him when they came out for a water break.

The class involved running, stretching, jumping on the trampoline and walking on the balance beam. It kind of made me want to go roll around on the mats with the kids. They're all so cute. I bet all the parents who were crowded around the windows to the main gymnasium, watching their little ones tumble, would like to have joined them. The overwhelming mitigating factor, though, is that the whole room stinks of little, sweaty feet.

Here's another shot of Kate, training for the special forces. ("gymnastics"? You're not fooling anyone Young Military Covert ops Academy!)

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Yanwen said...

Kate did great job in her first gymnastics class. I still remember the first time Aaron went to gymnastics class, he hung on the horizontal bar forever, just didn’t want to jump to ground with full of sponge. :-)