Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An Exciting Weekend

Over the weekend, Anni came down to visit from Michigan. Saturday night, several hours after Anni's arrival, Kate informed me "I like that lady". I hope Anni hadn't planned on getting any rest while here. If Kate was up, she was looking for Anni. When she got up from her not-nap on Sunday she stalked after poor Anni, who was attempting to take a nap as well. She came down the stairs yelling "Annnnnni where aaaaaare you?"

Sunday afternoon we went to a pumpkin carving party at Joe and Bucky's house (we were not present for the duration of this event in previous years, missing any part of this year's festivities was grounds for humiliating dismissal next year, see...). Sarah was somewhat indifferent to her surroundings so long as someone was chatting her up and telling her how cute she is. Kate, meanwhile, had a blast. She ate at least 2 of the cupcakes I made for the event (look away from those little grubbing hands for one minute, I tell you) and spent the next hour running laps around the house and abusing all the dogs there.

My pumpkin was ridiculed and won no prizes and we received no homemade pumpkin pie and yes we are bitter about that. However, Kate won some delightful items for her attempt (she really only added a few black lines with the marker, I did the hard part! Where's my glory?) The best of her prizes had to be the teeth. Here we see her sporting them alone and with Uncle Steve and Aunt Jo Jo.
Yes, fun was had by all. After each child had her own "I'm way too tired to endure another second of this" fit, Kate settled into my arms and fell asleep on my shoulder. As we were putting her in the car to go home she told us that, yes, she did have a good time and then she informed us repeatedly "the tea party's all done". She told me that again the next morning when she woke up, gazing off ruefully - "the tea party's all done". All I could think was "Great, I didn't get a pie and no one offered me so much as a drop of tea!" Thanks a lot, Crazy Joe, you big, mean jerk!

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Delphi said...

You see, this is what happens. You end up living in your child's shadow. That's okay. You can push her to fullfill all of your dreams for you.