Monday, April 23, 2007


Busy Earth Day weekend...very tired...but big news! Sarah is doing her first sign. It's "fan". I'd have expected "eat" since she literally quakes with joyous anticipation when she sees us preparing food for her but no. Fan. I looked for an image of the sign for fan online...I didn't find one. I did find a site included one of my search words: "...Competitive farting, a sign of the Apocalypse?" When I got to that link, I gave up trying to find an online sign for fan.


Farrago_NW said...

Here's "fancy":

and it looks kind of like a fan.

Anni said...

Maybe she meant "fab, Mom!"?

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Sarah's a smart girl. Irene only displays her middle finger. I have no idea what she is communicating.