Thursday, April 12, 2007

Walking in circles

I've been wearing a pedometer every day this month because I'm participating in the Clean Air Campaign's Walk There Challenge. I could be the winner of a brand new iPod Shuffle! And I figured, what the heck, I'm already training for the 3-Day, might as well log those miles.

Most days I manage the magical total of 10,000 steps because I typically do a 3-4 mile training walk at some point. A mile is roughly 2,000 steps. The remaining steps can be tricky to get in when you're a desk jockey but I've stopped calling and instant messaging my co-workers and instead, annoy them by appearing at their desks when they least expect it.

I've noticed, though, that between the hours of 5:45ish and 7:30...I'm averaging 1,100 steps. Mainly in the kitchen. Upon reflection, that makes sense. I get home, start cleaning bottles and the coffee maker, stop Sarah from eating the cookbooks, make dinner for Kate (this involves disguising 3 food groups in cheese), stop Sarah from pulling small kitchen appliances down on herself, let dog out, let dog in, stop Sarah from eating dog's food, answer the phone WHERE IS THE PHONE (at least one lap around the entire first floor), deal with Kate's poop in her big-girl pants, need to replenish Kate-sized diapers downstairs, run upstairs, down again, stop Sarah from eating the mail, make Sarah dinner, finish cleaning bottles and make new bottles, make more Sarah mush for tomorrow, stop Sarah from flinging bottle to the ground (this often involves some squats), let dog out, set coffee maker for the morning, commence grown-up dinner preparation, no, wait, change Sarah's diaper, let dog in...etc. Yeah, that sounds like 1,100 steps.

I haven't won my iPod Shuffle yet but I've learned a couple things. I have a good idea why I'm completely wiped out at 9:30. And two - any stay at home mom could kick. my. ass.

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jdrueke said...

Don't forget get Jeremiah a beer while I watch cartoons.