Sunday, April 01, 2007


This morning on our training walk Joy and I found this really cool luna moth. The poor thing had a big chunk out of its back would never fly again. Or play the piano, for that matter. Sarah was with us, but sound asleep. We decided Kate should see it. We thought it might be placid enough to ride home with me on the tray of the stroller. This was not the case. Not at all. So, the next best option was to stick it in Joy's empty latte cup. We reasoned that it was going to die anyway. And it's just a bug. We showed it to Steve, who one-upped us with his guarder snake. Given Friday's caterpillar incident and the fact that the snake was alive and well and probably didn't want to go live at my house, we set it free in their yard. Kate was interested in the luna moth (who looked way cooler before we saturated what was left of its wings with espresso and steamed milk) but this was as close as she'd get to it. They had a nice chat.

In other news, the girls each got new hats.
They'll need them for the beach. I know, we're not going until July. But as you can see here, Sarah's going to need to grow into hers anyway. Ah, Target, you foul temptress.

When the rain set in and we couldn't play outside anymore, Kate made Sarah some coffee.
And Sarah had a good laugh at Kate's plumber's crack.
And now...they're both bathed and fed. Time for bed. Mommy needs a drink.


The Plaid Sheep said...

I dig those foam letters. If you got a bunch of sets you could play a giant game of Scrabble.

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

They are adorable girls. Kate has mastered pouring the coffee, quite the Waffle House style.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

We like them, too. We have 2 sets. I found a company that will sell you individual letters of your choice but decided I was getting a little out of control with the foam letters already. We'd need a couple more sets for me to get my typical Scrabble hand - eieio and some other 1 point letter. :(

RFKeith said...

@brooklyn volunteer: You need a little more than good coffee pouring skills to work at Waffle House. You need at least 3 priors and a tat you copped in the hoosgow.

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Excuse me I do not speak Boomhauer