Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cancer fighting weekend

On Saturday Joy hosted an Engle Martinis (yes, that is the name my company 3-Day team selected. My company is Engle Martin. I did not vote for this name. I hate it.) fundraiser with Mary Kay. Look gorgeous and save boobs all at once, now that's what I call crime fighting. Plus, there were margaritas and Mexican snacks. It was, after all, Cinco de Mayo.

Kate and Joy's next door neighbor, Catherine, got glamorous with us grown-up gals. Our husbands went to the local bar. Jeremiah and Steve wondered aloud when we'd moved to the suburbs circa 1973. Whatever, we're fighting breast cancer in every way we can dream up. Joy's hostess gift was a tote bag so fantastic it will hold an entire 4-year-old and still have room for a compact and possibly your cell phone. Beat that, public radio! And there's more good news for you gals out there. That's right, this fundraiser will continue right up until we do our walk. From now until then, for every purchase you make from this site, if you mention "the Cinco de Mayo event", 20% of the profit will go to the Engle Martinis' (ugh) team fundraising account.

This morning we went down to Piedmont Park for Lauren's Run. This event is a fundraiser to help cure childhood cancer. Jeremiah's company was sponsoring a team. We showed up in dayglo green shirts for the team.

Kate brought her new Mary Kay bag she scored at yesterday's party and was ready to walk to cure cancer. She was, however, too frightened of the huge Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to go anywhere near them. She has her limits. Sarah taunted her from the backpack on my back. We did not do the 5K run. We did the 2K walk. Jeremiah and I were amused by this. I failed to wear my pedometer, but we're pretty sure we parked a good 2K from the event. At any rate, the weather was gorgeous and Jeremiah's boss took us all out for brunch afterwards at Agnes & Muriel's. All in all, a good weekend. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow so I can relax a little.

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