Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday in the park

Stunning weather. Everyone was in good spirits this morning so we decided to head out to Piedmont park for the spring/summer farmers' market. Kate decided the occasion was formal and went for her little black dress. Sarah hung out in the backpack, taking it all in and making comments like "wow, I bet that would be fun if I were participating instead of stuck back here with a view of the back of daddy's head." You're never too young for stony-faced sarcasm in this family.

We filled up on samples. What a haul! There was one million types of local cheese, nearly all of which we agreed were fantastic, the best gingersnaps I've ever tasted, beautiful strawberries, coffee, some more cookies (Me: Kate, do you want to try the peanut butter or the chocolate? Kate: Yes.), I don't even remember what else. We picked up some pork taken from, so we were led to believe, the happiest pigs on the planet. We got some wonderful soaps despite the fact that I could make my own and we ran out of cash long before we bought all the other stuff we wanted to squirrel away and spend all of Sunday devouring. Probably a good thing.

Then, as promised, it was time to go see the ducks. Kate loves the ducks. She quacks at them. She gets so excited to see them her voice becomes high pitched and her rapid-fire conversation completely unintelligible. It's endearing. We became concerned about the happy pork not being refrigerated so we had to coax Kate away from the lake with promises of a walk to the square where we would play in the fountain and get ice cream. Which we did.

For the walk to the square, Lola joined us. She had a blast. For one thing, everyone that met her just went on and on about how gorgeous she is and Lola is extremely vain, so this pleased her no end. Also, despite our concerns that she would be afraid of the hissing sound the steamy fountain makes, she loved the fountain. And Kate was glad to have a fountain buddy on this outing.

Both girls were really ready for bed by the time we returned from all our adventures at 5:30.Kate laid, slack-jawed, on the couch, watching Bugs Bunny. When the time came to get her into bed she marched in singing "Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!..." to my delight and pride. All in all, I'd say, a beautiful day well spent. Now then, on to the pork.


RFKeith said...

Those are some beautiful babuh's y'all stole. They had more'n they could handle.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

I made sure Jeremiah got the best ones.

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Great photos!!
Irene's a big fan of the ducks. We are there at least once a week with old baquette bread.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

I bet those French ducks are pretty rude about the stale bread. "What is theees? Thees iz not Fraiche! Ah spit out your `orreebul bread!"

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Then in response Irene and I take a puff from our Gaulois cigarettes and say "Wull, beggarz cannot bee shoozers". We then adjust our berets and prance away.