Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh oh oh ooooh, Little China Girl

My coworker, Yanwen, returned home to China for a visit earlier this month. When he came back to work he brought a little dress for Kate. As soon as I showed it to her, Kate wanted to put it on. So we got her in it and I realized she bore a striking resemblance to Kate Capshaw in Temple of Doom (OK, not really but her name is also Kate), so I put her hair up and made a mental note to ask Yanwen to teach me how to sing "Anything Goes" in Chinese. Kate decided she should wear her shades with the dress. She looked very cool, but the fashion show coincided with a meltdown so she appears to be opposed to the outfit in photographs. Oh well. I told my little China girl "...just you shut your mouth".


Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Bowie and Iggy reference!!! Excellent that your blog is channeling great music

Joy, of course said...

Fabulous dress Kate.