Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A return to routine

We're home! Vacation was excellent, save the 14 and 1/2 hour car ride home - that was not excellent. In fact, it didn't even approach excellent. But we made it and we didn't even maim either child. Sarah did do her little Houdini bit with the highchair at Applebees (how did they manage to make bacon bland? Seriously. That was some of the most flavorless food I've ever tasted. I've lost all respect for you, Tyler Florence.)

As predicted aloud to the bad baby, she went sailing right off the side of the chair, head first, rocketing toward the floor and a lifetime of poor learning and ultimately monotonous work as a civil servant. We were ready for such an event, though, and milliseconds before skull met floor I grabbed an arm and Jeremiah grabbed a leg. The family at the table behind us applauded our teamwork. They didn't notice we're the worst parents ever, and they were polite enough not to mention we probably should've corralled her the moment she broke loose instead of letting her throw herself to untimely brain injury, so that was nice.

Anyway, there's much to tell of our adventures and I will do so, with full color illustrations, once I've got everything off the camera and resized and I am no longer at work. Speaking of that...I should really get back to the giant pile of demands that awaited me this morning. The important thing is, we're back and will be blogging.

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Navilyn said...

About time, too! Welcome back...