Monday, January 14, 2008

At the park

It was a lovely afternoon so we headed to the park, 4 humans and a dog. While I ran around the park with Sarah, Jeremiah hung out with Kate, still in full princess regalia (Kate, not Jeremiah), on the Big Kids' Slide. Kate stood at the top of her favorite slide waiting for the somewhat older kid sporting the skateboarding t-shirt to take his turn. Jeremiah reports the following conversation between Kate and this lad:

Kate: Are you going to go?
[No response]
Kate: I'm the princess!
Punkass Kid: I'm the king and I can do whatever I want.

While Jeremiah and I agreed that was a pretty dang good response to Kate, I made a mental note to teach Kate the epithet "Poser!"


Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Does King Skaterat not know about Kate's killer Cinderella skateboard??!!???

Keith said...

Kate got SERVED.

jdrueke said...

Oh, it's ON.