Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Time to Ween the kids

Mom complained that I haven't been blogging. So here I am. Last night the very kind Joy hung out with Kate and Sarah while we went to see Ween, live! In concert! Steve was supposed to join us but he had some meeting and was late and never found us in the haze of palpable marijuana smoke. No worries, it was a fantastic show and it's not like we could have had a conversation or anything. I'd never seen Ween live before last night and I have to say - they are EXCELLENT. Their drummer performed a solo that left even the most insistent dancers standing stalk still, jaws dropped. At one point, he just threw his sticks off stage and played with his hands.

I love live music. However, I have yet to attend a concert, even one with assigned seating, that is not also attended by my nemesis, Tall Concert Guy. I am 5'3". Tall Concert Guy is 6'10" and resembles a refrigerator. Tall Concert Guy's M.O. is to wait until I've fought my way to an outstanding spot in front of the stage, in range for bra-tossing should I be so inclined. Then he slips in with his obnoxious, yet shorter, sidekick and stands directly in front of me, bobbing and weaving in tandem with me, so that every show I've ever been to looks something like this:

I hate you Tall Concert Guy! And I hate your stupid shirt!!! One day I will finally work up the nerve to throw a solid punch into one of Tall Concert Guy's kidneys. Mercifully last night Tall Concert Guy was on a bender and was frequently absent, seeking out more beer.

Before the show we went out for pizza with Joy and the girls. Earlier that day I'd informed Joy that Kate had been a full-blown monster to her father when he was trying to get her out the door to daycare. When we arrived at the pizza joint (Joy picked them up from daycare for us!) they were all there and the girls already had food. Sarah reacted with such glee at the sight of us we felt like the rock stars and Kate, in the rhythm of one who's been coached, kissed her daddy and said "I'm sorry I was bad this morning" - eyelashes batting. We were very impressed. I pity the man who endeavors to take that girl away from her daddy.


Boomin' Granny said...

Thanks for the blog, Lisa, even though I have NO idea who "Ween" is, I enjoyed it.
No question, Kate gets her talent from YOU!!! I remember it well.

Drunkle Steve said...

The concert KICKED ASS!! Come to find out, I was pretty much right behind you guys the whole time. I think I even saw Tall Concert Guy; he was moshing in the beer line, you know, "being cool".

The evening meeting that I had earlier pretty much sucked, because, well it was a meeting that was in the evening. BUT! I got to see Kate and Sarah and Joy before it started. Sarah gave me several run-up hugs. Very cute. I thought of her often during the meeting, because my coat and tie smelled like pizza and cup cakes. Awesome.

jdrueke said...

That was YOU in the tie? I thought you were some lame-ass narc!

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Have you ever been to a concert with Tall Concert Guy??!!?? I went to see Blonde Redhead at Irving Plaza with 3 Tall Concert People. They could not understand at all why we had to be at the concert 1 hour ahead to get good seats.
So we went late (of course the band did not start on time) but I saw nothing at all standing in the back with them. They said it was amazing esp the duet parts. I don't know.
I love Ween!!!!