Sunday, January 13, 2008

Her Royal Highness

Kate has a new princess dress.  She wears it everywhere but daycare (because we won't let her).  Yesterday when I realized we were completely out of coffee and I invited Kate to join me to go buy some, it took her 20 minutes of prepping to get out of the house.  The guy in line behind us admired Kate's look and asked "does she have a recital today?"  I shook my head, shrugging, and said "buying coffee is a formal event for her".  He clearly  has no 3-year-old girl in his life.  Yesterday we had tea time together.  I, in my sweats and whatever shirt I'd plucked up from the floor when I awoke that morning and Kate in princess attire.  She calls Jeremiah King Triton, or sometimes just King.  She doesn't call me Queen because the movies she enjoys that contain princesses either include no mother at all, or an evil step mother.  Diatribe on Disney's mother-issues to come later.  For now, here are some pictures. 


Chaotic Joy said...

You are the second blog I have read this week to mention that Disney movies contain dead mothers, no mention of mothers, or wicked step-mothers. A phenomenon I had been absolutely oblivious to, prior. So I am looking forward to your diatribe.

Lovely princess you have there. Even with a mother.

FlapScrap said...

We were watching Hansel and Gretel with Mason and Maddy a few weeks ago and were very surprised near the end when the woodcutter father, welcoming the kids back home, explained in two words why their stepmother would no longer be an obstacle: "She's dead." Don't bother staying tuned for further details.