Thursday, January 03, 2008

Harsher than Simon

Kate got 2 copies of Ratatouille for Christmas, so we exchanged one of them for Aladdin. She. Was. PSYCHED. "We're going to watch it over and over!" she declared as she held the DVD aloft while exiting Borders. I wasn't too put off by that, even though I knew right away it was absolutely true. I prefer both Jasmine and Aladdin to those sappy losers in The Little Mermaid. Anyway, we have watched it over and over.

The other night, after a viewing of the movie, Kate and Sarah were heading up the stairs to bed with Jeremiah and me. Kate was singing the love theme from Aladdin (horrible song) in her adorable, 3-year-old falsetto. I chimed in, taking the male part "I can show you the world..." I belted out. Kate fell silent. I glanced at her and saw she wore a deadpan expression. Slowly, she shook her head "no" and said, flatly, "Don't".

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