Saturday, February 02, 2008

More from the royal court of Kate

Yesterday when Jeremiah picked the girls up from daycare Kate, in an especially giggly mood, pronounced herself Princess Camelbutt. When I arrived home from work Princess Camelbutt was outside playing in our next door neighbors' yard with their dogs, Jack and Carmen, our dog and her sister who she declared was "Little Crazy Sister". Jeremiah and I chatted with Charlie and Alison while Princess Camelbutt, Little Crazy Sister and all the dogs romped in the very wet, red, Georgia clay. The end result was a study in earth tones. Suddenly Kate had had enough and announced she wanted to go inside and put on her princess dress. The edict proclaimed, we had no choice but to acquiesce. Her royal highness, her sororal royal highness and I went upstairs (sans muddy shoes) to change into something more appropriate for, I assume, dinner.

While we were up there Kate found her sparkly sunglasses and seized upon them. Slowly, dramatically, she placed them on her face and looked at me. "I want to wear these with my princess dress, " she explained and then struck a regal pose, "so I can look like a superstar!" Emphasis on "SUPER" and throw away whisper on "starrrrr". And then, you must believe me gentle readers, she flashed me two animated jazz hands. Just for a second! Then strutted out of the room. I nearly peed.


*pab said...

We will see her in pictures, for certain. That kiddo cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

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Keith said...

It could not be more clear from that comment who Anonymous is.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

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