Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Kate is much better. However, now Sarah and Jeremiah have colds and I am dying. Yesterday, when I tried to get an appointment to see the doctor, he made me instead go to the emergency room because I had a fever of 103 and had just blacked out during a sojourn into the kitchen.

"We need them to rule out meningitis" the nurse told me. "I don't have meningitis", I said. She was unmoved. No fan of Occam's Razor, she. I was pretty certain I have a sinus infection and/or the flu. Still, it was off to the ER with me. So I made Jeremiah come home and take me because of the raging fever and the blacking out. We proceeded to enjoy the hospitality of the good people of Emory for 4 hours. They were overloaded so I sat on a gurney in the hallway. The triage nurse castigated me for not getting a flu shot. "Would it have spared me this dreaded meningitis?!?" I thought, but did not say.

When I finally saw the doctor he moved all my joints around and felt my neck. He then told me he concurred with my diagnosis of sinus infection and flu. A mere 45 minutes after that, we were out the door with a prescription for an antibiotic and...Robotussin. I think that might have been a mistake because I do not have a cough. It claims it will make one drowsy so I took it anyway because I was dying for something that would allow me to sleep.

My fever raged all night. The little I was able to sleep, I dreamed about the cast of Lost. And all I can smell is, I'm pretty sure, the fried bits from Captain D's. And everything tastes like metal. This is how I know I'm dying. It's just as well, since I don't think Blogger is ever going to fix its spellcheck anyway. (Has anyone else noticed this? It's very annoying for the spelling impaired!)


*pab said...

I hope you feel better soon! Ugh, what a dreadful thing.

Keith said...

All around me are dropping like people who drop, and yet I remain. My credentials are therefore equal to Sen. Clinton's.

What'd you have trouble with? Occam, meningitis, or Jeremiah?

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh thank goodness! It's blogger's problem, the spell check thing. I thought it was my dying computer.


What I meant to say was I am very sorry you are so sick and for the completely pointless meningitis check. Having a fever as an adult really does make you feel like death. I am always amazed at how well my children handle it.

duchessnyc said...

its actually not meningitis. its the plague. i'm convinced its a conspiracy.

sorry you're not feeling well. illness sucks. :P

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

I think you blacked out because Jeremiah bought rice. I hope y'all feel better. We went thru this 3 weeks ago.

Anni said...

Geez -- I hope you're feeling better now! That sounds really lousy. Was the people-watching any good in the emergency room, at least?

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Thanks, everyone. I MAY have been a bit hasty in predicting my own death. I'm on the mend now.

Anni- love the new avatar! I wasn't really people watching much, though, I laid on the gurney with my eyes closed, counting down the moments until someone finally came by and told me I could go home.