Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sarah feeds the dog

Sarah likes to feed Lola. First, she figured out how to open the bin in which we store Lola's food. Then she figured out how to scoop some food into the cup and bring it over to Lola's bowl. Then she decided it was easier to grab handfuls of food and drop them directly into the bowl. We can't stop her. She's a dog-feeding maniac.

Today we proudly watched as she rolled the bin adjacent to the dog's bowl and then went about delivering tiny handfuls of the scrumptious nuggets one after the other until Lola's bowl is full.
Occasionally, a few chunks of dog food land in the water bowl instead of their intended destination and Sarah will stare at the error woefully and sigh "Uh-oh". After taking a moment to compose herself, she gets right back to work. I hope Lola doesn't mind soggy dog food in her cold beverage.
Lola is going to be huge by swimsuit season. We just don't notice how often Sarah is feeding her. I've been so delighted with her problem-solving prowess I've kind of forgotten it's probably not all that healthy for our beloved pooch.


Sister K said...

that child labor thing should really be posted over on WME...on second thought, her cuteness and lack of complaint would invalidate that post. did she at least get her allowance?

The Plaid Sheep said...

You might want to nip this behavior in the bud before she learns how to scoop ice cream for mom and dad.

Kicking N. Screaming said...

-Sister K, we HAD children so that one day we, like our own parents, would have live-in slave labor. No allowance!

-Sheep, if she learns to scoop out ice cream, it will never make it to mom and dad.

Anni said...

She looks so cute! So far Cyrus and the cats have not even really noticed each other. I've tried signing cat to him but he's so not interested yet. Phineas will be delighted if Cyrus learns to feed him, though, diet-restricted diabetic whiner that he is!