Sunday, February 24, 2008

A day with the game

It was cold and overcast but we had cabin fever. Also, we'd let Kate watch what even we deemed as an unhealthy amount of Powerpuff Girls. Time to go outside. So we headed back to the Yellow River Game Ranch. It was Sarah's first visit (out of utero, at least). When we arrived the girls were thrilled to find the parking lot full of chickens, as was I. Anyone who doesn't think chickens are inherently funny has probably never seen a chicken. When I'm feeling down, I think of chickens doing household tasks and it always makes me smile. Ironing is a personal favorite because that's crazy! Chickens don't even wear clothes, why would they iron?

As was the case on our previous visits, we were greeted at the entrance by deer, begging for food and love. I offered them carrots but they seemed more intrigued by my coffee. I can see that. Those poor deer always have to be on and I'd hate to have to do that without at least a swig of coffee.

I was reminded of the episode of The Simpsons in which Lisa becomes a vegetarian. Her teacher shows a filmstrip, narrated of course by Troy McLure, that explains why the vegetarian friend of the kid in the film is ignorant. "Don't kid yourself Timmy, " he states as a close-up of a menacing cow fills the screen, "if a cow had the chance he'd eat you and everyone you ever knew!" Sure enough, the cow tried to eat me.

The place was lousy with peacocks, too. And ducks. It was hard to get Sarah away from the chickens, though. Girl after my own heart, that one. We admired bears, foxes (they smell terrible), coyotes, goats, donkeys and were stalked by squirrels. The coup de grace, though, is always the bunnies. Every time we go, we marvel that the poor rabbits don't simply die of heart attacks, the way they're chased by small children all day. Also, they're fed non-stop. Fat and terrorized, it's no wonder they appear so twitchy. Kate actually had a hard time finding one to chow down on her second carrot. So she ate it herself. I think it was the only vegetable she consumed today.

Sarah walked nearly the entire time. Sometimes she ran. By the time we were half way home, she was out. Exxxxxxcellent...


karen said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic day, even considering your near-miss with the cow!

FlapScrap said...

1. Addicted to coffee, fat, and terrorized. They should change the name to Orwell's Animal Farm.

2. Those are some cute kids you've got there.

3. I disapprove of the new layout, but it's probably because I fear change.

Boomin' Granny said...

Amen to the cute kids! I enjoyed seeing the rest of these pictures on Jeremiah's Kodak Gallery

sunglasseshurtmynose said...

If you don't think chickens are funny, it might be because you had Santaria living behind you. When I think of chickens, I think of scary voodoo!

LMP said...

Aren't those typically just dead chickens?