Friday, February 08, 2008


Kate's caught a nasty cold. Yesterday they sent her home from daycare around 3:30 with a fever. The poor thing is thoroughly stuffed up and glassy-eyed. Still, she insisted on wearing her princess dress. She took a bath, put on her princess dress and then began the whiny fits. It was pretty obvious she was behaving this way because she felt terrible and had no idea why. Then, we held her down and put saline up her nose which, to my surprise, did not improve her mood. It did, however, get a metric ton of snot out of her nose. Jeremiah gave her a blue corn chip as a peace offering.

Kate sat at the counter in the kitchen wailing and whining and eating her chip. She said things that made no sense at all. Loud. "I don't waaaaaannnna eat my dinner! I'm huuuungry! I don't need to go to daycare I went alrrrreeeady!" Smack dab in the midst of this screed she paused, noting the new bag on the work island. In a totally normal tone of voice she said "Did you buy rice?" Jeremiah looked up from whatever activity he'd selected to aid him in ignoring her fit. "Why yes" he said. We looked at each other and shrugged. She went right back to her fit.


FlapScrap said...

Oh no! I don't want Kate to be sick. I love Kate. Feel better little Janis Laupner Butterfly!

The Plaid Sheep said...

I really feel her pain. I sounded just like that at work yesterday.

Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Probably, Jeremiah or you will catch what she has and have the exact same conversation.

I hope everyone feels better.

Keith said...

Flash forward 15 years:

"My hair looks horrible! I hate this house! I'm not going to Dartmouth! Oh look, there's my shoe. Huh ... Stop looking at me!!!!! My life sucks!"

Seriously, I hate to see her miserable. I'd better go purchase a gift for her.

jdrueke said...


The best gift you could give her is your presence. Seriously, she's been on a real kick lately about having you come down to visit. "I want Uncle Keith to take me to the park." "Uncle Keith can watch Buzz Lightyear with me." Or you can just send her cash.