Saturday, April 19, 2008


The kitchen has gone from having two windows on the back wall, to having a door and a window on the back wall, to that wall containing two doors. Three, really, if you count the French doors as two. Soon, it will have just the French doors and a cased entryway - that solid door is temporary, to help keep the bugs and mess out. I shutter to think what the kitchen would look like if it weren't doing its job. The room is alarmingly filthy as it is.

Next up - changes on the new screened in porch:

It's coming along nicely. Today we're trying to decide which color we'll paint the place when we get to that point. We're leaning, not surprisingly, toward a rich, chocolate brown. The houses on either side of us are currently brown. Mike & Katherine's house is a national-park-plank color and Charlie & Alison's house is sort of beige. We know Charlie & Alison are planning to eventually paint theirs navy blue...for the time-being though, if we go with this brown, I'll be referring to our block of houses as Brown Town.


FlapScrap said...

Nice job! Good lord how we envy your screened in porch. Instead of Brown Town, why don't you call it Turdville or some other reference feces? People like that.

Boomin' Granny said...

How about "baby diarrhea yellow"? Then you will off set the navy and the dark brown!
Seriously, we've seen it and it's going to be great!!

FlapScrap said...

Baby diarrhea does really pop.

LMP said...

Sorry to disappoint, but with some help from our next door neighbor we decided yesterday we like the "plum-brown" the best (it's on the far right in the picture, not that you can really tell what any of those colors really look like). It looks sorta eggplant-like (not the Japanese ones, the big, fat ones.) I can't think of any sort of poop I've ever seen that's close to that color.

Boomin' Granny said...

Honey, you ain't never been a nurse!!