Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Insulation for that huge melon

In one miraculous day our addition acquired insulation, had it inspected and it was approved! Today, there is drywall stacked out in the new bedroom waiting to become our ceilings and walls starting (hopefully) tomorrow. I am giddy. In other events, mom had rotator cuff surgery today. All those years pitching in the Bigs finally took their toll, it seems. So anyway, when we got home from daycare Kate & Sarah made get well...art...for Grammy Provost. I will try to mail it off quickly. Putting things in the mail is not my forte (Anni, I swear I'll get that stuff for Cyrus in the mail before he no longer fits into it. Or, at least, by the time you have another baby). Anyway, after creating great works in Grammy P.'s honor, Kate took to drawing other family members. I watched as she veeeerrry slowly drew a HUGE circle on her paper. "I'm drawing Uncle Steve, here's his big, fat head!" she announced.
Photos are here because we stole Steve & Joy's camera. Our own beloved camera is still down and out. Jeremiah confessed to me that he fears one of the kids dropped the camera. We're a little panicked.


FlapScrap said...

Teaching moment: Sit Kate down and explain to her that big, fat heads are a structural prerequisite to certain noses, which are best portrayed in profile.

Drunkle Steve said...

Fat head, huh? Well look HERE, Missy, I'm drawing a picture of YOU right NOW and my fat head is NOTHING compared to YOUR big, fat, sparkley golden dress! HA!! ...it doesn't sound so bad, but I can assure you, you are NOT going to like it.


Dang...she probably would like it. Punk ass princess...