Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lazy Photographers

It's not that all they do is sit around watching DVDs, I swear. It's just that we no longer seem to find it within ourselves to take the camera when we leave the house. I took these photos on the same day we walked into downtown Decatur, played in the plaza, walked home making a stop at the Community Garden to play in the mud house and visit the chickens. (One bit me...what if I get chicken disease?!? I'm hot-blooded, chicken disease, got a fever of 103...). Then we stopped by the house for lunch and a "nap" and headed back out to the pool to swim. You just have to believe me.

Sarah can't stop watching the 1,2,3s. She's even wearing her TMBG shirt. Notice that her creepy doll is so sick of the DVD she's attempting to electrocute herself in the toaster (which is of course on the chess table in the living room with the blender, next to the wine refrigerator. Can you think of a better place to keep it?)


Keith said...

The TMBG shirt is indeed rockin'. But look at Kate! Kate's wearing her Nationals T! YEA!
So proud is her uncle! I got a tear for the camera.

*pab said...

They are both getting so big - and they are both just GORGEOUS!