Friday, June 20, 2008

We Pause In This Vacation Run-Down for a House Update

Things are so much slower now, you know. But it's nonetheless. We have some, but not all, cabinets and countertops in place. Our lights are in. Our medicine cabinets are in. The house has been primed.

When I arrived home from work the painters were all over the place. Jose called to me to "come see the color!" so I walked with him around back. Speaking of color, I felt all of mine drain out of my face when I looked at what had been completed. He laughed as he watched me and said "thaaaat's just the primer coat." And politely left off " stupid Gringa." Oh ha ha ha, Jose. All the windows are covered in plastic right now and frankly, it's pretty creepy. But I'm excited the place is being painted.

Wall sconces in the hallway from the kitchen to the master suite.

The red pendant in the tiny hallway between the master bedroom and bathroom. We're aware it's kind of silly but we love it.


The Plaid Sheep said...

Very nice. I particularly like the lighting fixtures. Well done.

Aunt So-So said...

That kitchen is ridiculous! I want it!!!ppctb