Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vacation Day 2 - for Sonya

We awoke in the hotel room before the sun rose. I was starving the instant my eyes opened. We'd planned to meet my friends Bryan & Pam for breakfast and they don't have kids. It seemed unlikely they'd be up at 6 on a Sunday so I set to work getting all the odds and ends packed up.

It turns out Roanoke, though rich in so many wonderful things which I'll discuss later, lacks a good breakfast joint. We ended up at IHOP. It was nice, though. Sadly Pam missed it because she mistook us for people who get to sleep until a decent hour and then lazily head out for brunch and was off frolicking with their dogs, unreachable, when we were ready to eat. But we got Bryan. It was fun to see him attempt to politely pay attention to Kate while she yammered on and on and on about things he knew nothing about. Chiefly Disney princesses and the foes they were forced to defeat. After a soliloquy about Jasmine I asked Kate if Jasmine is her favorite princess. She shook her head. "Who is your favorite princess?" I asked. She slowly began to point to herself and then at the last moment, perhaps thinking I may not have yet purchased her birthday gifts, said "You are!" and my day was fully made.

We made excellent time getting to Woodstock from Roanoke. Sarah even napped in the car! Kate was watching her mini-DVD player with her headphones so any time she spoke to us, unable to hear herself, she yelled. She had been silent for about an hour. Sarah, meanwhile, refused the headphones with hers and we got to listen to her 1,2,3s DVD repeatedly. I had just finished telling Jeremiah about Kate's princess comment (he'd been in the bathroom changing Sarah's second stinky diaper of the breakfast hour) and stating that it was the best thing she'd ever said when, as we passed a bucolic pasture, she broke her silence and excitedly yelled "COWS!". We agreed that might have actually been the best thing she'd ever said. Moo.

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Aunt So-So said...

Thanks! Kids do say the darndest things. I think the coolest thing that I witnessed was Sarah singing her own version of "Zeroes mean so much" with her own lyrics, "Sarah means so much". Too friggin' cute.