Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vacation's End - The Long Road Home

Friday the 13th we hit the road. I can't say that anything particularly unlucky happened. We noticed a Holiday Inn Express just plunked down in the middle of the mountains when we were driving up from Atlanta and talked about how pretty that setting was. It was just south of Johnson City. We decided we'd stay there on our way home, and if we timed it out just right, we could eat dinner at Cootie Brown's.

We stopped in Roanoke for lunch. Roanoke is a great little city. In its beautiful mountain setting it's got some very cool, old buildings in the downtown area. We headed to Market Square, parked and explored for a couple hours. We ate fantastic sandwiches at the Horizon Bar & Grill and then wandered the stands of the permanent Farmer's Market. There was a wonderful little beer & wine shop in which we got into some trouble and we picked up some handmade olive oil soaps.

We managed to roll into Johnson City right at 6PM, plenty of time eat dinner at Cootie Browns and still make it to the hotel (which is in Erwin, TN) and let the girls dip into the pool before bed. Sweet! Here's the setting of the hotel, not too shabby, `eh?

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