Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Dangerous List

My office closed early today! That would be swell if it weren't the end of the month, quarter and year and if I didn't have a great deal more work to do before the midnight hour. Closing early today meant I found a handy stopping point and brought my work home with me because everyone was leaving and I have no idea what the building alarm code is. Still, a break is in order. So, I'm doing something extremely risky and posting my New Year's resolutions. For awhile, I refused to make any, because it's so cliche and because I never kept them (largely because I usually made them while drunk - always a mistake.) But now I have some things I'd like to get done and I might as well start with everyone else, on the 1st of the year. I will keep the list short, so as to cut back on the failures I must admit on this day next year.

1. Fix my knees. I have a congenital (this means, something I was born with and does not have anything do with my genitals. Keith.) issue with my patellas. The ligaments are literally slack and won't hold them in place. I'm fine walking but when I try to run all hell breaks loose (along with my patellas). It's extremely painful. Back when I was about 15 I was told strengthening the muscles around my knees would help profoundly but I ignored that advice until today. I've gotten a complete list from my chiropractor of things I should be doing. Many of them are little moves I can do while reading or watching TV so I have no excuses. In 2009, I will make my knees stronger and maybe in 2010, I will run!

2. Make my home non-toxic. I'm working on removing the icky commercial cleansers and whatnot from the house and replacing them with homemade or earth-muffin-hippie-stuff cleaners. And I'm adding more houseplants. I have a long way to go, though. I wonder what's IN JetDry...?

3. Fix my career. I know, terribly vague for a 12-month goal but I know what I mean. You only need to know enough to ask me, judgementally, if I've gotten around to that one yet. Please hold off until at least July. There's much to be done.

That's it. If I attempt anything else I will probably hurt myself. So wish me luck and the same to you, whatever it is that you do do. Most of all, Happy New Year!!!


Boomin' Granny said...

Admirable goals, good luck with them!
Have a wonderful 2009!!

The Plaid Sheep said...

I like all of those, they seem very sensible. Number 3 is particularly scary for me. I've been trying to do it for years and have no idea how to proceed. My horoscope says that this year I should be good at leaving old habits and preconceptions behind. If Rob Brezny says it is so then it must be. Perhaps we can both do it.
Happy Happy Happy New Year!

karen said...

I'm impressed that you can enunciate your goals to begin with...I always have trouble narrowing down specific things I want to work on and wind up with a vast list that I can't possibly concentrate on. Good luck with all...but particularly with #3, since that seems to be the one most like what I'd come up with - something I'd really want to do but would have, as TPS mentions, no idea how to achieve.

Chaotic Joy said...

Good Luck! Happy New Year!

Anni said...

I bought one of those bodyshaper things that goes down to your calves and up to your ribcage, and damn, that was enough improvement for the whole year!

Any advice on "get boobs to come back after breastfeeding"? (Don't say get pregnant again!)

LMP said...

Dang, I was going to say 'get pregnant again'! Barring that, I just don't know. Get fat? Aren't boobs essentially comprised of fat? That might work...the downside would be having to buy a whole new wardrobe and possibly having a heart attack.