Saturday, December 20, 2008


On to something merrier*. Today we await the arrival of Chris and Sonya (and Jake and Ramona too. See them on the left here? Aren't they cute?) on their elongated trip from VA to FL via Nashville and Atlanta. In addition, we have Dave and Kelly (there they are on their way to New Orleans, having breakfast with us) back for a night on their way home to (a different part of) VA from New Orleans. So you see? Even if you avoid flying, you still have a layover in Atlanta. We'll be feeding them rack of lamb and I'm thinking I'll make Spanikopita for the vegetarian, so I humbly submit this layover is better than the usual, especially if you fly AirTran (Do love Starbucks and that chicken from Popeys? Then you'll love the AirTran gates at ATL!)

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, which, as some of you already know, we've chosen to celebrate Pagan style up in this piece. I have a book I enjoy all about the old celebrations of the Solstice and we have embraced the traditions we find fun or at all meaningful and added a couple of our own. Voila! Holiday! Bringing an evergreen tree inside and bedazzling it with lights covers two holidays, so, check. We also keep mistletoe hanging year round, as the Golden Bough is a sign of the fertility of life (not just babies, but creativity, wealth, happiness...all the things people want to multiply.) On the solstice we keep the fire in the fireplace (in our case, pillar candles to avoid burning the house to the ground) burning all day - the Winter Solstice you see, is a celebration of the return of light and the earth's rebirth. Hence, the light and the green plants inside. In addition, we feel the day should be filled with yummy comfort food. The kind of stuff folks love in the cold winter. It's tough this week, because it's been 70 degrees every day now, but we'll muddle through. So tomorrow, since we have visitors, we making Solstice brunch and Solstice dinner. I'll take pictures. You'll wish you were a NeoPagan like told us we are.

*I've not heard anything further regarding my co-worker's condition and will probably have to wait until Monday.


*pab said...

I'm neo-pagan, too, according to BeliefNet; but I'm told I'm not allowed to be Pagan. So I worship in private. :) What is the title of that book?

LMP said...

Why it's linked right here on this post, my sistah-mama, but it's called The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas by John Matthews.