Saturday, June 13, 2009

Birthday Follow-Up

Three sets of grandparents. One card.

The party is not until tomorrow, so you know, don't expect a lot of hoo-ha here. However, here are some of the highlights of Kate's Birthday Actual. She received a bike from mom and dad and she and Sarah (OK, all of us) received a shared gift of a Wii from Grandma Margie.

At the precise moment we were lighting a candle on her cupcake (the real cake will be ready for the party) and beginning to sing Happy Birthday, the Miami Druekes called. Since we were dealing with fire we didn't answer and instead they sang happy birthday as a group on the answering machine while we sang it in the dining room. How's that for serendipity?

Sarah got Kate the princess Wii game, but so far the girls only want to play boxing. I love those kids.

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