Monday, June 08, 2009

You'll Just Have To Take My Word For It

We went to Tybee Island Thursday through Sunday. The girls were like little puppies in the surf. They ran themselves silly and then passed out like drunken sailors back at the "adorable!" cottage we'd rented. They flew kites. And ate ice cream. We cooked fresh shrimp that were so freakin' good it caused me to start viewing other large bugs in a new, potentially culinary, light. Jeremiah and I enjoyed an evening exploring Savannah because Steve and Joy watched the kids for us. We took over 300 pictures.

On the way home Jeremiah said "wouldn't it be funny if you didn't post any of this on your blog?" He proposed my next post - "We went to the beach last weekend. So anyway, here's something hilarious that happened at work..."

Then we got home and discovered that the long cable hanging from the street in the middle of our front yard was indeed the one that causes there to be internet in our home. So, because I can't get my photos on my work laptop, I can't post them here right now. Trust me, the sweetness of those photos would give you a cavity. So anyway, this hilarious thing happened at work...

**In other astonishing news, Kate will be FIVE YEARS OLD this very Friday. She is still nowhere near outgrowing her princess phase. There is some speculation she never will, and we've gone ahead and started calling her Miss Yvonne. We joked that she ended up being born by c-section because she was crowning, literally.**

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Boomin' Granny said...

I know you went, I got a picture on e-mail!
Miss Yvonne?? I don't think so, SHE'S not blonde!