Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kate's 5th Birthday Party

Princess Jumpy Thing. Free reign of the entire house and yard. Tons of friends. Belle cake. I'd call the day a success.

Let me begin with some pictures I took of the cake I made before its dismantling, mere hours after its completion. It may seem regrettable for a thing that took so long to create to be decimated so quickly, but I got what I wanted - the look of sheer delight on Kate's face when she saw it. That will be burned in my memory for a lifetime, so it's all good. These photos are kind of crappy, but I will replace them when I get a hold of the ones Joy took - hers were better.

As always the tattoos were popular particularly among the adults. But the kids were covered in them too. Also entertaining to me was watching the boys pillage Kate and Sarah's dress-up box. I like the photo of little Alex in the witch's dress. Anyway, I'm pretty well plum tuckered so here's a bunch of unexplained photos of the event.


Boomin' Granny said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!
I am SO impressed with the cake, Lisa!!! You will have to tell me how you did it, it is truly a work of art! It's so great you could do it yourself, you saved a bunch of dough and made a memory Kate will never forget! Congratulations.

karen said...

Wow - that is one impressive cake! Even my husband is amazed and you know how men are about stuff like that; it's shocking he thought more about it than how to get a fork in. :)

LMP said...

That's some impressively high praise from your man, there, Karen. I must say, though, how to get the fork in was a bit of a head-scratcher on this one so we could've used his help.

And thanks Mom. I don't know how much money I saved when I factor in my time but I still think it was worth it. It's fun.

Sister K said...

u don't have to explain FUN! wow! looks like a great time!

The Plaid Sheep said...

The cake is most excellent! I predict people will be showing up asking you to make a cake for their kid.