Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween madness!

All Hallows Eve began with Jeremiah's first 5-K.  The whole family bustled down to Candler Park to cheer Jeremiah on.  At about 8:55, 5 minutes before the race started, the wind picked up.  The girls were thrilled because in the park, hundreds of leaves rained down upon them.  Then real rain rained down upon us.  One might even call it a deluge.  The girls and I stood in the doorway to the women's bathroom at the pool with a couple other non-running spouses and their kids.  All the kids had signed up for the wee runners "Ghost Run".  All the kids decided they would not be doing that.  Kate played in the rain, stomping in the puddles and squealing, as I chatted with the other parents and Sarah shivered  against my leg.

Next, we dashed off to gymnastics/dance class.  Immediately following the class the Y had a Halloween festival in the gym.  We hung out for that and Kate and Sarah played with Alexia and Olivia.  Mostly, they ate crap and jumped on stuff.  I'm surprised at the lack of vomit.

Then came trick or treat time!  Somehow, in all the mayhem of attempting to keep the girls' wigs on, we didn't get a lot of photos of that scene.  Aunt Jo Jo constructed a Snow White dress for Kate and a Rapunzel one for Sarah.  They looked stunning.  We set off in a caravan to see the Scary Garden on Oakview & 2nd, which we'd toured a few weeks ago when they first set it up and we happened to be walking by.  On the way, we stopped at 400 houses*.  When we finally reached our destination, Kate bravely marched up through the terrifying graveyard that included real, live zombies, to the porch to receive her glowstick necklace and goody bag.  Sarah was terrified.   She did not recover for a full 5 houses.  By the time we rounded the corner back to 3rd Ave Kate slumped back in the stroller and said "I'm.  Done."  I have never heard her say that except in reference to eating vegetables.  It was a very full day. 

*Reports of number of houses at which we stopped may be somewhat inaccurate.

**I switched to the new editor in Blogger.  I have no clue what's going on here.  Where the hell is spellcheck?  Why won't my pictures move where I want them?  I'm hungry.  Why won't this 5-year-old get off my arm?


Aunt So-So said...

Those costumes are killer and much better quality than those you can get at stores. Next year I hope Joy can help make my costume.

LMP said...

Well, if you need a tiarra we have a few we can loan you.