Friday, December 11, 2009

Keep Your Shirt On

I know, mom, it's been awhile since I've posted.  Yes, we're all OK, no need to send a concerned note.
We are very, very, very, very (etc) busy.  Here's an example of how busy we are.  I cannot find my wedding and engagement rings.  I know they are in the house, I took them off to put on lotion or some such thing.  Now I don't see them.  Given the way my little Gollum made off with one of mom's shiny-shiny rings and hid it in her lair, I expect I will need to conduct a thorough search of the bedroom and playroom for my own  I do not have time for that right now.  Under normal circumstances, this sort of thing would induce a mild, internal panic.  I have actually found myself thinking "I need to panic about this but when can I fit that in...?"

So, you see, it's like that.  Delightful photos of the girls decorating and playing with the puppy as well as Kate's stage debut as Red Riding Hood are forthcoming.  I promise.  Seriously.  I'll do it. 

Gotta go.


Aunt So-So said...

You're going to be hit on all day long without those rings on. Be careful. Hope you find them.

Aunt So-So said...

...and when you do get hit on, YOU keep YOUR shirt on.

FlapScrap said...

So, you're having an affair, you don't care about your mother and, if we read between the lines, you're embezzling from your company. Shame on you. Shame upon you. I spritz you with shame: psst, psst.

LMP said...

I can never keep anything from you.