Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day Part Deux

I brought home a ton of work to do. I told myself I will just hole up in the office and knock it all out while I do my best to ignoring the snow-covered city calling to me from beyond my double-insulated windows. I had just finished cleaning the office enough to be able to work in peace when Steve, Joy, Rusty and Jennifer stopped by. They had not ignored the snowy city's calls.

Monkey was thrilled to see Stelle and Captain came to visit him. Rusty let Kate direct him into position and then throw snowballs at him, and, specifically , his head.

From inside, where I stood, chatting with Joy and Jennifer and drinking my coffee, I noticed Kate was making snow angels while still wearing her pajamas. I sighed. "She's got her jacket on..." Joy said, in her defense. Monkey figured out that the snow is fun, as opposed to last month, when he was freaked out by it.

Java, Monkey.

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Drunkle Steve said...

One of the great things about the South; we get occasional snow, it looks beautiful, everything closes so we can go play in it, then it's all gone and 50 degrees two day later. Ta-da! Hat trick.