Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sowing Project

We buried Lola's ashes in the plot of land where she most enjoyed basking in the sun; the area that will be our vegetable garden. When the girls were waxing nostalgic for our beloved pooch, we decided we should plant some seeds for her garden. So I picked up the goods for planting and together, the girls and I stuck some seeds in some dirt. I let them select the seeds to plant and they chose carrots, because Lola's favorite toy was her stuffed squeaky carrot, argula, basil, bell peppers and strawberries. Random, I know, but whatever.

We're keeping our little flat of seedlings in the guest room with a clip light containing a grow bulb over the plants. The light is set to remain on about 16 hours a day. I rotate the flat 1/4 turn and water the tray daily. I became concerned on my flight home from LA last Thursday when I realized I hadn't reminded Jeremiah to tend to our little babies. They were fine. Dry, but fine. The other house plants were wilted and sad. I managed to revive them, though, so this story has a happy ending. Here are our little seeds! I'm hoping to prep the beds when I have a couple days off in March. I'd hoped to prep them last fall, but things happen, so we'll see. The strawberries aren't even sprouting a little. I just haven't mentioned it and the girls don't seem to care.

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