Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Snows in One Winter...Sign of the Apocolypse?

While we really don't want snow that is measured in feet, we Atlantans have been suffering from a bit of snow-envy down here, while our Mid-Atlantic friends and family have been digging out. Today, we received perfect snow. It started around 1, and school and daycare were instantly closed. I left work early, but the traffic was so horrendous I still couldn't get to the kids in a normal amount of time and Aunt Jo Jo, working from home, had to swoop in and rescue the little ones. Again. Since I knew the kids wouldn't be abandoned, I didn't mind the outrageous traffic; the view was so thrilling. Once I had us all safely home, we celebrated the weather as the snow poured from the clouds and made everything quiet and beautiful.

The girls frolicked in the white while I stayed inside, cooking them dinner, with my constant companion, Monkey. Monkey is happiest when lying on an active heat register.

Kate and Sarah built a snowman, then knocked him down. Sorry Frosty, no painting the town red for you.

How totally Cape-Fear-Remake creepy is this scene?!?

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