Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lavish Party

When I was very little my mean parents made me go to bed unreasonably early. They would often tuck me in, kiss me goodnight, and then forget all about me while they hosted lavish soirees in the living room. Repeated requests for various lights to be turned on or cups of water to be delivered were frowned upon. So there I'd lie, wide awake and abandoned, listening to all the adults talking and laughing and probably eating ice cream and watching cartoons. I hated missing it all.

Fast forward to present day. Now I'm one of those adults and I know for a fact that my suspicions about the eating ice cream at least, were spot on. Last night was Monday dinner night with the Third Avenue Provosts, though we only had Steve because Joy was in Hartford. We tucked Kate and Sarah into bed, kissed their sweet heads and then forgot all about them while we ate our dinner (followed by ice cream) and watched the series finale of 24.

After we said our final good-bye to Jack, who would probably rather be dead than how they left him but whatever, I went upstairs to check on the girls. As I ascended the stairs, I could see that something had been placed at the top of them.

When I got about halfway up, it became apparent what that something was.Little Sarah, I knew, had hated missing out on our lavish living room party.

When Jeremiah scooped her up and carried her back to her room, she seemed to wake up. He laid her down on her lion rug on the floor, where she loves to sleep. She wasn't, in fact, awake at all. She'd been disturbed, though, and she slowly stood up, and began walking in little circles in on the floor between her bed and Kate's. At one point she shrugged her shoulders, raising her arms at the elbows with her hands up in confusion, then went back to walking in tight circles. We watched for awhile, pointing and laughing, until Jeremiah finally picked her up again and laid her down in her bed. There she remained, quietly snoozing, while we headed to our own bed to do the same.

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