Friday, May 21, 2010

Updating Again, part 1

Sometimes I can't get in here for awhile; it happens. It bums me out a little because there have been little gems from the children's mouths that I've now forgotten. I should really write this stuff down immediately.

Our biggest bits of news start with our trip to the Fabulous Fox Theatre to see Mary Poppins with some friends. Although we had the worst possible seats (the very last row in the very highest part of the balcony all the way stage left. Why are there even seats there?), it was a great show and the girls had a lot of fun.

Prior to the Mary Poppins outing (OK, jolly holiday) Kate had a breakthrough moment. All school year, Jeremiah or I have had to drive her to school, park and walk her to her classroom, just like we do with Sarah at daycare. We've tried a few times to convince her to let us drop her off, but without success. The week before last, Kate failed to bring her backpack, which contains her school work and her lunch, with her in the car. That was the 3rd time this year. Before we'd gotten into the car, I'd put her backpack in her hands. So, when we arrived at daycare and I noticed there was no backpack in the backseat, there was the usual apoplectic response from me, in which I cannot finish even a portion of a sentence because I'm censoring out all the cussing. Finally, we dropped Sarah off in her classroom and, while walking back to the car, I told Kate "you are coming with me to get that backpack and then, I think you're going to have to go through the drop-off lane because otherwise, you will be late for school." I steeled myself for a panicked fit from Kate. Instead she drew in a deep breath and said "Well. I'm a little bit scared, but I'm excited." As we approached the lane I explained how it works:

"Alright kiddo, here's what you'll do. When I stop the car, not a moment before, you unbuckle yourself, give me a kiss-"
she interrupted me "and a hug!"
"-and a hug, open the door and hop out onto the sidewalk. Then you walk to class. It's that simple!"

We arrived in the lane and Kate unbuckled herself, stood up, gave me a hug and a kiss, got herself out of the car and even closed the door all the way, then stood beaming with pride on the sidewalk, waving good-bye to me. And I got a little choked up.

Since then she's used the drop-off lane several times, but as if she sensed that Jeremiah and I were both a little wistful about all this, she has insisted on being walked in from time to time.

Now I need to go to work. More later.


Kevin said...

"and a hug!"

Please post the account number to which we can deposit college funding.

LMP said...

On it.