Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mammoth Jalapenos

Growing in my garden! I'm not sure what's "mammoth" about them. Maybe they're originally from Mammoth. They don't seem that big to me. Anyway, they're beautiful because they grew in my garden. I can't wait to eat them. The spinach and arugula (which Kate & Sarah grew from seed) are done. They provided us with many happy salads and are now attempting to flower and seed. I think I'll replace them with cucumbers and cantaloupe.

At the Green Market at Piedmont Park, we bought a pint of outstanding strawberries, which proved to be far too tempting - we ate the entire pint before we made it home. OK, mostly Sarah and I ate the entire pint. We also bought plump, sweet sugar snap peas. The two farmers from whom I purchased those items were more than happy to regale me with advice on any vegetable gardening question I posed. I love these guys! We also got some irresistible cheeses, but the woman selling them was not the cheese maker (only slightly less blessed are the cheese peddlers) and I'm not interested in making my own cheese (yet). Anyway, the garden is looking healthy and happy. I'm just about to harvest some broccoli. Here's some more from the garden yesterday. That first one is my thyme forest, followed by my favorite, and Sarah's too, to sniff, sweet marjoram:

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