Sunday, May 09, 2010


I was already awake when the girls tiptoed in, shushing each other loudly. Rex had been climbing up to the transom window over our bed and launching off it onto my bladder. When I heard the girls approaching I closed my eyes and feigned sleep. I heard them come to a stand still by my side. Then, nearly in unison they sang out "Happy Mother's Day!"

I opened my eyes and beheld various works of art composed in my honor. My favorites were the page full of hearts from Sarah "because I love you so much!" and the drawing Kate did of me, watering my garden. She also grew some flowers for me, which we planted in the garden together this afternoon.

My gifts were that I got to go for a bikeride on this stunning, perfect day. It was cool, the sky was cerulean blue and I got an up-close view of a red tailed hawk and, in keeping with the red bird theme, a very close encounter with a big redheaded woodpecker. Then I enjoyed a "surprise" breakfast of (gluten-free, of course) pancakes and bacon. Then, I was allowed to spend the majority of the day working in the garden. Bliss. Jeremiah grilled dinner for us, per the girls' request, and we had a marshmallow toasting session. I think thoughts of work only drifted by once all day. Now, Jeremiah is grilling some bananas to serve over the brown sugar vanilla ice cream I made last night and I'm listening to the girls sing themselves to sleep.

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