Thursday, June 03, 2010

Kate in Bloom

Today is Kate's last day of kindergarten. They held a "moving on" ceremony on Wednesday, and dubbed the children official first graders. Kate was beside herself. I missed the ceremony. It was at 9AM and I had a 10:00 meeting so I had to get to the office. At 9:30, my 10:00 meeting was rescheduled to 10:45 and I became grumpy. Still, Jeremiah took pictures for me and for you, since you missed it too.

The kids all marched in processional style, and sat up on the stage. They performed a little song Kate had practiced and practiced at home about school being out (not the Alice Cooper one). They did some tribal dance, I don't' know, but it clearly went with the blooming theme.

Then they had a little party in their classrooms, and Kate's teachers presented her and her classmates with a real-live metal of achievement, which in 2 days, Kate has removed from her neck only for sleeping. So now, I have a 1st grader and a Pre-K kid. Yikes.


jdrueke said...

Kate was truly glowing. She and her sister get more beautiful every day, just like their mommy.

Reetay Arvaysay said...

Why are ALL of those kids pictured so beautiful? Is it Pretty Child Magnet School? Or do the not-so-cute ones just ... not show up on film, or something?

(That said, Kate was the prettiest.)


LMP said...

Awh, thanks Tree. That school is filled with gorgeous children. I don't know where they send the ugly ones.