Sunday, June 27, 2010


We here at the Drueke & Provost household are all abuzz with the anticipation of Next Week. I know what you're thinking, but while we're very patriotic, we're not that into Independence Day. No, our little Snoopy dances are due to the impending arrival of these three characters:

It's true that we are also excited to get to see Richard, Keith, Chris and Sonya, but we only get them briefly and we know they're only coming for the children anyway. I'm sure it sounds very odd to most rational adults that we would actually seek to have a house filled with teenage girls for a week but it is only a week. Then we'll send them packing. We plan to remind their parents about this when our own little darlings reach their sullen, door-slamming stage, so that maybe we can send them packing, too. At least for a week.

Meanwhile, we're looking forward to all manner of exciting food, trips about town and randomly shouting things like "turn that noise down!" Kate and Sarah are beside themselves with excitement. Especially Kate, who is beginning to grasp the concept of time and gets that the girls' arrivals are less than one week away now. Speaking of that, I have some chores to complete. Safe travels girls! We know you're coming, so we'll probably bake a cake.

PS - check out Ro* and Mikey before they were so uber-cool (bangs!):

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