Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kate on Fast Food

This week Kate has been attending summer camp at Glenlake Park, and when I pick her up and head over to daycare to fetch Sarah we pass a McDonald's. Kate has never eaten at McDonald's, but has decided she doesn't like it. She makes puking sounds when we pass it. This is one time when her denouncing a particular food without trying it works for me. Here is what Kate had to say on the topic of McDonald's today:

Kate: McDonald's tricks children into eating their food by giving away toys and stuff with it.
Me: That's true, but lots of fast food restaurants do that.
Kate: I know, like Chic-fil-A.
Me: Yep, they do it, too.
Kate: They do and I love it!
Me: How is Chick-fil-A good for doing that but McDonald's bad?
Kate: Because Chick-fil-A gives away good stuff, not things that poison kids.

Dear Chick-fil-A,
You can drop the cow campaign, I have your new tag line!


Aunt So-So said...

WOW. Did she know about the Shrek glasses or was that a lucky guess?

LMP said...

She knew. Jeremiah told her about the recall. She's outraged about it, which I find adorable.