Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blogging on the iPad

I have successfully located an app for blogging on the iPad! Now I am sitting in the kitchen with 2 very naughty girls. Kate was on red today for the very first time in her Drew Charter School history. Reportedly, she took up with a gang of first grade ruffians and together the pack were playing in the mud on the playground despite being told not to.

Sarah, not to be outdone, pinched her friend Willow. I asked why she pinched Willow and she said "she said she had my headband in her pocket". Wow, she goes directly to violence. I couldn't even determine if Willow really did have Sarah's headband. It was on Sarah's head by the time I arrived.

I declared a movie-less evening. Neither kid seems fazed by her own behavior or by having gotten in trouble for it. In fact, they are continuing to behave badly. Maybe I picked up the wrong kids from school...

Anyway, hooray, I can blog on my iPad!

Oh no thurz no spelcheque on here!

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karen said...

Thanks! I've been wondering if there might be an easier way to blog with my iPad (always with me) than waiting until I'm near an actual computer. I miss writing things that are more than 140 characters...

LMP said...