Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lydia lives!

Well folks, Lydia's had her muzzle off since Monday and her e-collar off since yesterday. She's doing fine, attacking Monkey with obnoxious abandon. That sort of behavior could well be what got her into this fix, but we're keeping an eye on that. Monday evening, we discovered a gaping hole in Rex the cat's side. So it was back to the vet with us. He's fine, too, but we're ready to get rid of all the pets at this point. We don't know what caused Rex's hole. It was not, as I feared, a disease akin to that which killed my brother's Oscars - Hole in the Head disease (it's a thing!), it is more likely the dogs played too rough with Rex, who is entirely too tolerant of their shenanigans.

Kate took these photos with my phone this morning, to prove Lydia's fine.


Aunt So-So said...

Hooray! Glad she's better. On an urelated note, I had perhaps the strangest dream ever last night. I dreamt that I caught Jake (the dog) smoking cigarettes. I was furious, and wanted to know a) how he got them and b) how his fur didn't catch on fire. We need to keep our pets healthy.

LMP said...

Did he start to cry when you confronted him and blubber and finally say "I learned it from watching YOU"?