Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Kids Are Growing

Spring is upon us! You can't make that pronouncement here without someone assuring you there will be a freeze in March. I know, there usually is. Still, when the temperature rises and the sun comes out again as February draws to a close, I just want to spend all my time in the yard. You'd never guess it if you looked at the barren wasteland that is our front steps. The back yard is still a nightmare; we'll get to the front yard when we can pay someone to make it less horrifying.

So today, the girls and I planted some seeds of their choosing for the children's garden, which I think will be a container garden. As I pulled out all the seeds, Kate told me "I'm really into gardening, mom". She is. She's taking a gardening class at After School and has successfully grown sprouts, which I've been eating.

After a walk/bikeride/rollerblade into Oakhurst and back, it was time to prep a new bed for the exciting plants we'll have this year. The girls were less into that, they really only wanted to engage when the hose came out. They disappeared for a bit, while I continued turning earth and throwing out some seeds with high hopes, and they magically reappeared in bathing suits. I had a bad feeling about how the seed watering was about to go. It was, indeed, a bit of mayhem but eventually, all the new seeds got a hefty drink. And so it begins! Hopefully something good will grow this year.

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