Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Morning at the Opera

Kate's class is headed to the Opera today. She was allowed to wear whatever she wanted, no uniform! Yesterday she said "what do people wear to the opera?" and I said "They dress up!" and she flew from her seat in the kitchen up the stairs, nary lighting upon a single one, where she selected her outfit for the event, and laid it neatly out at the foot of her bed.

Then she insisted I curl her hair. Jeremiah and I convinced her to bring her bright orange binoculars with the caterpillar for an arm as her opera glasses. No one in our home knows what opera she's going to see (a technicality, this is about the attire!). I hope it's a rock opera. Jesus Christ! Superstar! Do you think you're what they say you are...


Aunt So-So said...

She looks ravishing. I want to buy her flowers and chocolate.

Kevin said...


RONNY You look beautiful. Your hair...

LORETTA I thought I'd try it.
(qrudgingly)You look good.

RONNY Thank you.
He goes to kiss her. She takes a step back.
LORETTA I said I'd go to the opera with you. Nothing else.

Ronny immediately relents, gently takes her arm, and they walk off in the direction of the opera house.

LMP said...

I sure as hell hope she doesn't run into Jeremiah there with some floozy.