Thursday, March 01, 2007


Kate's love of the Muppets lives on. Her affection for Mary Poppins not withstanding, she comes back to the Muppets again and again. This is dismaying because there is only one season of the Muppet Show available on DVD. I hear the next season will be available this spring...I hope they mean on the very first day of spring because I don't know how much more of this I can take. She requests the episode with Phyllis Diller repeatedly. Kids love Phyllis Diller.

Most recently, though, she's developed a love of Janice, the grooooovy chick in the Muppet house band, The Electric Mayhem. She's fond of Dr. Teeth, too, but she's been talking about Janice constantly lately. Last night I was required to tell the story of Janice's entire life. It turns out she was born in Woodstock, NY to a late-30s couple who used to be stock brokers but decided to simplify and moved to Woodstock to sell crystals. That got me from the TV room up the stairs, but we still had potty time, teeth-brushing time, story time, stalling time and tucking in time to fill. "Wouldn't you like to read Goodnight Opus again?" I'd say to buy time. "No! I want to hear about Janice when she was a little girl!" What a task master that kid is. I made Jeremiah tuck her in tonight. I'm not ready to tell her about Janice's exploits in college.


Brooklyn Volunteer said...

Janice loved the doobie and the Doobie brothers. She definitely was a regular at Studio 57.
Just tell Kate, that Janice was a delightful girl and ate all her spinach and carrots, hence the beautiful yarn hair. Janice always obeyed her parents and loved doing the dishes.
You can have so much fun with this.

Delphi said...

Do you think this is how JK Rowling got started?

RFKeith said...

Janice played the daughter in "Traffic". Her boyfriend is That Guy from That 70's Show. I love the scene where Janice is bartering for crack.