Monday, March 26, 2007

Sorry for the delay, Mom, here's the Baxter update!

As Tuesday eased into Friday morning Jeremiah (now as interested in the driveway activity next door as I) and I feared Catherine must've ended up having a c-section. When we arrived home from an outing to Mezcalito's Friday night, Mike was outside getting the mail. We saw him from a block and half away and Jeremiah yelled "got yourselves a baby?" Indeed they do. I'm sure they'd find it a little freaky to discover I'm blogging about them to total strangers, but we're happy for them, so here are the stats:
John Baxter Hernankie (not sure how to spell his last name but Jeremiah thinks that's it) was born on Tuesday, March 20th, along with Spring. He weighed in at 8lbs, 1oz and as we feared, ended up being a c-section.

Catherine came out with him to introduce us. Nice thing about c-section babies, they don't look all roughed up from fighting their way through the birth canal. He's adorable. I gazed in awe at him, not believing that just 8 months ago Sarah was smaller than that. Catherine claims she's feeling fine and, after some initial panic regarding Baxter's respiratory health, he's just fine, too. I'm thrilled to have another excuse to make some bread. We've decided we'll wait to make them food, though, until the non-stop stream of cars from out of state in their driveway (I'm not even trying to spy on it now) slows down considerably.

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Boomin' Granny said...

Thanks for the update!
I'm glad all is well and look forward to meeting Baxter.